Blockgrain is going to be a good ICO coming from the Land Down Under. Australia already had a very successful ICO which was the Power Ledger and it is still going strong.

I believe Blockgrain will be another successful story.

The ICO will be finished on June 24, 2018.


So what is BLOCKGRAIN?

This came straight from their website/white paper.

BlockGrain is a simple-to-use, secure, independent software solution that automates the sharing of information across all major commodity supply chain participants.

As a transformative software platform, BlockGrain reduces inefficiency and provides value to supply chain and market participants.

BlockGrain supports traditional, well-established agricultural supply chains with a dynamic and seamless software solution. By enabling one-tone global trade, BlockGrain encourages farmers and their supporting businesses to connect with buyers to develop and grow their own supply chains. BlockGrain aims to make a positive impact on the global agricultural sector and society as a whole.

BlockGrain connects

• Farmer representatives (brokers)
• Trucking and logistics companies
• Logistics brokers
• Buyers of agricultural products
• Manufacturers requiring agricultural products (dairies, flour mills, breweries, etc)
• Smaller farming cooperatives
• Suppliers of agricultural inputs (chemicals, fertilisers, etc)
• Importers and exporters of bulk commodities
• Customers and end users.

Key benefits of BlockGrain:

• Supply chain tracking and automation
• Traceability and proof of origin
• Improved supply chain efficiency
• Direct international transactions
• Smart contracting
• Improved stock management
• Enhanced information and less paperwork
• Reduced transaction risk and uncertainty



BLOCKGRAIN already have an existing product / platform and received several rewards before they started their ICO.

They already started their project way back in 2015 when blockgrain founded.

Their BLOCKGRAIN 1.0 was released to a core group of farmers and grain brokers across the east coast of Australia and they also won the StartUP House Battlefield – Best Pitch at San Francisco back in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

In the first quarter of 2017, Rise Agri, Australia’s largest group of independent grain brokers commit to using BLOCKGRAIN. Their first client!

BLOCKGRAIN also have the backing of the government. BLOCKGRAIN receives an ‘ignite ideas’ funding grant from the Queensland Government in the second quarter of 2017. They were also selected as finalist at the Queensland Pitch @ Palace competition.

BLOCKGRAIN started the full-scale development for BLOCKGRAIN 2.0 (web and native mobile apps). BLOCKGRAIN 2.O overcomes the network coverage issue of BLOCKGRAIN 1.O by caching key data on the mobile device until a data connection is re-established. This allows the BlockGrain mobile application to continue operating, regardless of network coverage.


The Team

BLOCKGRAIN have a very experience people behind it starting with its CEO.

Caile Ditterich – CEO

Born on the family farm near Swan Hill (Victoria), Caile has 15 years’ experience in the grains industry.

With an MBA from Bond University, Caile has been the driving force behind BlockGrain since its inception. Prior to BlockGrain, Caile has run multiple businesses and worked as a strategy consultant to start-ups and IT companies.

Martin Halford – CTO

Martin is an executive level technologist with extensive experience and a proven track record in scaling Agile Software Development teams.

Martin has held CTO positions with the Chelsea Apps Factory and Appster (one of Australia’s largest app development companies).

Vikas Gupta – Senior Software Engineer

With over 10 years’ in software development, Vikas has direct experience as a technical architect and full-stack developer with one of Australia’s leading software development companies.

Alex Saunders – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Advisor

Alex Saunders has been living and breathing cryptocurrency since 2012. Alex has invested in dozens of quality projects and his portfolio has outperformed leading funds 100-fold. His ability to pick projects that will gain real world traction and explain these in easy to understand terms is second to none. He now runs Australia’s largest crypto YouTube channel, has over 100k followers across social media and is fast becoming the most trusted voice in the Australian crypto community.

You can have a look at their website and white paper to see the full list of their core teams and advisors


The Tokens

Yes tokens because Blockgrain will have 2 tokens.

The AGRI token – this is the token used to pay for BlockGrain system access through a Payment Gateway and can be traded at the exchanges. (NOTE: This AGRI token is the token that you can trade at the crypto exchanges wherever it is listed.)

The SEED token – this is a private token operating on the BlockGrain private blockchain. SEED plays a crucial role in the BlockGrain platform as it is used to provide liquidity to supply chain participants and protect users from cryptocurrency volatility. (NOTE: The SEED token will not be tradable at any exchanges.)

Blockgrain will also have 2 layers of blockchain technology that the 2 tokes will run on. The AGRI token will be running on the Ethereum public blockchain layer and the SEED token will be running on the Blockgrain private blockchain layer.

If you want to know more about the differences of this 2 tokens and layers, please go and visit their website and whitepaper.



Blockgrain have lots of future developments, from software/platform development, getting other commodities to run on the platform and to getting into the international markets.


My Thoughts

I believe that BLOCKGRAIN will be another good investment in crypto. This will be like another power ledger or even better.

I do agree to other’s concern about convincing and explaining to the farmers about blockchain technology. However, there are plenty of new generation of farmer that are now tech savy and the first target will be the brokers who will be the first to be using this type of technology (I think).


Learn More About Blockgrain

Blockgrain website :

Blockgrain whitepaper:

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Blockgrain twitter:



I am not a financial advisor. This article about BLOCKGRAIN is my opinion only. Please do your own research.


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