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UPDATE 10/01/2019

Is bnlimited.com Bitrobo paying?

This is not paying anymore. The owner or creator of this Ponzi is now making excuses. He is saying that it will resume again when bitcoin price goes back up to 6k. Ridiculous really.

People who invested in that Bitrobo can’t get their money or capital back.

This is now a scam.

If you want to learn about it, read my first review of BNL below.


Is it a scam?

It will be a scam when they will ran into trouble. It is illegal what they are doing especially the Ponzi side of it. This will not last long if the authority will find out about it.


Will I invest in it?

Investing on this type of scheme is like throwing your money and assume you lost it already. I have put in 200 euros just for the purpose of this review and so far I managed to cash out 20 euros. Another 20 euros lost in pending because support is not answering queries or help.


The BITROBO from BNLimited is a robot trading platform as they claim it.

BITROBO is assuring a 0.7% – 1.5% return of investment (ROI) on a 24 hrs active “auto trading by BITROBO“.


When they said “NO CHANCE OF LOSING”, I don’t believe that. When trading, there is always a chance of losing. I think they put that in because they will cover the loss and will pay you the minimum profit mentioned.

As a beginner trader myself I did have a look at owning my own auto trading bot. It is not cheap, it will cost you about $500 USD and no guarantee that it will give you profit. You need to set the parameters and if you get it wrong you will incur a loss.

If BITROBO is what they say it is, an auto trading bot, then I think it is a better option.

Probing BITROBO and BNLimited

I have joined BITROBO or BNLimited for the purpose of research.

As you sign up, a tell tale sign of Ponzi scheme is very evident. You cannot sign up without a referral. Okay so let us give it a benefit of the doubt, maybe that need of referral to be signed up is a token of looking after the benefit of its members.

Well I did signed up and put in my capital investment of 102 euros to be used for the BITROBO.

You need to activate the “robot” to start trading and this will take 24 hours so you just keep visiting after 24 hours to re start the “trading bot”. It has been running for almost 2 days now and yes it did gave me a profit of 0.1% – 1.5% per day or per 24hrs of active trade.

There is also the new update which you can now choose to keep it on for 7 days, 15 days, or 1 month. I prefer the 7 days because you will make sure to cash out that profit. There were dodgy things on their support so yeah make sure you get that profit.

I was told you can also cash out your initial capital and I was going to test this but unfortunately I am only able to do cash out 1 time per week. But I do think you are allowed to cash out your capital.

As I suspected there is a Ponzi scheme associated with this BITROBO. A typical Filipino trait who are all obsessed with pyramid schemes.

Is it bad? Well Ponzi schemes are illegal to almost every country, including Philippines. Do you remember EMGOLDEX? How about GOLDXTREME (kabuhayang swak na swak daw)?

Warning! Know the RISKS.

This BITROBO and BNLimited is a possible SCAM. It is exactly the same as the BITROBOT.ME which is already pulled down. I think it is the same because someone made a review on BITROBOT.ME on November 7, 2016 and it is exactly the same as BITROBO and BNLimited

You can read the full review of that scam HERE

Below is the summary of the review

BitRobot.me is an HYIP website claiming to be a cryptocurrency trading company based in the UK. It is trading under the official name Bitcoin Trader LTD

Bitcoin Trader LTD owners are boasting about registration as a company with the UK’s Companies House. Well, the Companies House registration certificate is not worth the paper written on.

For example, recently shut down scams such Hashocean, Coince and Forex Paradise, were all registered with the Companies House.

If an investment company boasts about registration with UK Companies House, then you should know there’s a 99% chance it is a scam.

This is very similar to BITROBO and BNLimited.

There are plenty more similar pyramid scheme that is using the BITROBOT HERE

I have been right about these type of business before and I know this BITROBO will end up the same.

Most of you might be familiar with pluggle.com and wealthcart.net

Those were actually my first 2 posts here in steemit Pluggle.com.ph Scam or Paying and Wealthcart.net Scam or Paying

So what happened to those companies? See for yourselves, visit their websites, pluggle.com.ph is under investigation and shut down by the Philippines SEC and wealthcart.net website was pulled down.


Ok so you probably saying I’m only in it for the “auto trading bot” not the pyramid scheme.

You have to think about this. What happens if the trade they made that day incur a huge loss? They have to cover that loss and that’s when the pyramid scheme comes in.

That pyramid scheme is the “money maker”. You don’t believe me? Why else do they have it there? Why would they risk a legitimate business by including or putting an illegal pyramid scheme?

NOTE: It is not hard to register a business name in the UK, any educated person can do it. Their address in the UK “kemp house 160 city road london united kingdom ec1v 2nx” could be a virtual address.

I have searched the company and it is what they say they are and is registered in UK (check it HERE).

The nature of their business is “64999 – Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified and 66110 – Administration of financial markets”.

That is a very legitimate business and that is what the UK authorities or regulators are looking at.

However, if or WHEN the authorities find out about this Ponzi or pyramid scheme associated or included in their business, they will definitely shut it down. That is exactly what happened with BITCONNECT.

Refer to this story BitConnect In Collapse: After receiving two Cease and Desist letters, platform shuts down leaving investors in huge panic as many lose their funds



I have pointed out the risks and gave a lot of warnings.

If you decide to try this BITROBO and BNLimited you are doing it at your own risk.

You can join using this Link



Update 16/09/2018:

bnlimited.com has changed website to https://bnltradingcorp.com

However, it is still online. I can not confirm yet if you can withdraw because their server is still slow.

Again, I will caution everyone and be smart. Only invest what you can afford to lose. For me, the little money that I put in I got almost half of the capital.

Update 20/09/2018

Managed to withdraw from one of my account. My main account cannot receive email for the 2fa.
Too many glitches still and still slowed down to not connect.

Update 28/09/2018

I reached out to support again regarding my email not receiving 2fa emails. This time the chat support was able to help. Both accounts are now running smooth.



I don’t claim to be an expert about the article mentioned above. The article above is based on my own experiences and my own research. I don’t claim it to be 100% accurate.

I am not a financial advisor. The article above is just my own opinion. Please do your own research.

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