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DO’s AND DON’Ts – How to improve your earning in steemit.com7 min read

Steemit.com is community driven, there are people that are monitoring it to keep the bad actors away. There is “cheetah” which gives out warnings when it sees that a post is copied from any websites. There are the “steemcleaners” who gives out warnings or even “down vote or flag” a post if it does not meet the standard.



Steemit.com is community driven and there are people who are making sure a certain standard is met. Yes you can do whatever you like but if you keep ignoring warnings you might get down voted which means your reputation will suffer and so will your earnings.

Below are some of the list that are mainly frown upon by the community in steemit.com

  1. PLAGIARISM – Do not copy and paste. If you want to quote a sentence or a paragraph make sure you credit the original author. If you use an image for your post make sure you credit the owner or where you got the image from.
  2. LOW QUALITY POSTS – These are the posts that only contain a single picture or 2 or 3 sentence posts. If you want to post a single picture say something about that picture. That way you are engaging your audiences. Please don’t post something like “quote of the day, don’t do unto others what you don’t like others do unto you”. That simple quote maybe powerful but it will not really make others engage in a conversation. If you have $1 would you give it to that post or would you rather give it to something more deserving?
  3.  TAG ABUSE – Use only the appropriate tags that are related to your post. Don’t use unrelated tags just because it is the most popular tags in the hope you getting more exposure. You are only getting yourself in a best chance of being “downvoted or flagged” by the “steemcleaners”.


  1. QUALITY POST – Aim for a minimum of 300 words + 1 image. Videos are different because it is self explanatory, just put a title and a short description what the video is about.
  2. USE TAGS APPRORIATELY – When you put tags for your post make sure that the first tag is the most appropriate for your post. For example, your first post will be your introduction to the steemit community so your first tag should be “INTRODUCEYOURSELF”, you can follow it with “STEEMIT” because you are introducing yourself to the steemit community, then maybe “LIFE’ because you might be talking about your life or life in general. Then follow it with the tags that might be suitable for your community for example if you are with the Australian community, you might add the tag “TEAMAUSTRALIA” or if you are with the Philippine community you might use the tags “STEEMPH” or “PHILIPPINES”.
  3. USE POPULAR TAGS – Using popular tags means your post will be exposed to more audiences BUT be sure to use the appropriate tags as mentioned above.
  4. USE ALL 5 TAGS – Make sure to use all 5 tags that are allowed. This will get you more exposure to other niche.
  5. BE ACTIVE – Like I said before this steemit is community driven so if you are more active in the community, more likely you get more followers.


I don’t claim to be an expert about the article mentioned above. The article above is based on my own experiences and my own research. I don’t claim it to be 100% accurate.

I am not a financial advisor. The article above is just my own opinion. Please do your own research.

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