Free steem dollar (SBD) and steem are the best thing to add more money into your account. When you first start up and you don’t put money in steem, your voting power / Steem Power (SP) is valued at $0 even if you are on 100% SP.





Free Steem Dollar (SBD) and Free Steem

There are lots of “giveaways” in steemit and the best ones are the ones where you just up-vote their post and you will get a cut of the SBD pay out. It is not much but it is better than nothing especially if your voting power is only valued at $0 and you might get at least $0.001 SBD. Those little drip of SBD will add up in the long run and all you are doing is up-voting their posts.

The following are the users that are continually offer free SBD sometimes they post it 5 times in a day. @simplemoney, @karmashine, @honolulu, and @fogel were the users I used to follow. There are more giveaways and contests if you go the tags “free, freesteem and giveaway“.

These 2 users, @webcoop and @skyme, will also give you free SBD by up-voting your comment if your comment is related to their posts and you have up-voted and re-stemmed their post and include “return @webcoop” for @webcoop and “return @skyme” for @skyme. They will double or match the value of your up-vote, say you have up-voted their post with a value of $0.05, they might up-vote your comment with a value of $0.10 or more depending on the quality of your comment.




The tutorials

  1. Account Creation – How to create account.
  2. Profile Creation – How to create and edit your profile and where to store images.
  3. Writing Your First Post – The correct usage of TAGS
  4. Join A Community – Team Australia Highly Recommended
  5. Maximizing Your Earnings – Tapping into the FAUCETS for Free SBD and STEEM
  6. Maximizing Your Earnings – Using the correct REWARDS
  7. Sending STEEM From The Exchange ( Australian customers)





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