I have joined steemit a year ago just solely for making money. I was invested in it and made sure I benefited from it.

I did not make much money because I did not sell when its at the highest but made a little to re-invest it somewhere else.

I have powered down and sold most of that STEEM and invested on other cryptos. After that I did not have much to do with steemit.

It was just recently that an idea got me back into steemit. It’s the idea or the possibility that steemit could be beneficial to my countrymen back in Philippines.

If someone in Philippines especially the young students can earn say 2 sbd a week from posting on steemit, that 2 sbd can help them.

Anyway, that is what got me back on steemit, to see if I can help this young people to see that steemit is a good way of earning a bit of cash on the side. That is not the only purpose of it, Philippines is a non-English speaking country and if young people do make articles or blogs written in English, they are honing their skills. This don’t apply with English only, I have seen Filipinos writing in pure Tagalog.

My Good Intentions.

I am not a Dolphin anymore. I guess people don’t really want to know me now that I am just a minnow. We all know that most minnows follow dolphins and whales in the hope of getting an upvote from them, “a sad reality in steemit world”.

I don’t have a big voting power to support this fellow Filipino minnows so I thought my little knowledge would be helpful to others.

So I have started blogging about cryptos and other ways of getting extra income on steemit again.

I have come across @steempress-io’s SteemPress WordPress plugin and how others in the steemit community are using it. I have seen that there were interest shown by the Filipino community about the steempress.

Coming from a wordpress blog site before steemit I know full well how the wordpress and plugins like SteemPress works.

Not all people, maybe not most Filipinos will be able to afford a monthly payment for servers or web hosting.

This give me another idea how to help my fellow Filipinos. I do have a server where I can offer a web hosting for free. The idea is to keep it forever free and rely on donations. I know vornix and others offered free web hosting before but now there is a fee. This is why keeping this web hosting that I will be offering free forever is a good community service or a good help to the community.

The Sad Reality

I already started offering people about the free web hosting service and I was going to get the Filipino steempress community in it as well.

The sad reality stopped me from going all the way with this free web hosting offer. I hope I am wrong with these assumptions.

When you offer something, people always think of ULTERIOR motives. People always think there is always a catch, it don’t matter if the offer is fully and truly from the heart just to help out and nothing else.

Helping the community can burn you out. I have known others gets burned out from doing too much for the community. I know that they are doing it because it makes them happy but sometimes it get too overwhelming.

That fact made me think twice about this free web hosting I was going to offer. Am I going to bite off more than I can chew? This could go to more than hundreds of users and I will be dealing with support.

Moving Forward

Despite of my worries, I will go ahead with the free web hosting offer. I am hoping that the community will understand if we ran into troubles.

I would like to start it with small numbers which is manageable and as trial run. So if you are a SteemPh and SteemPress Filipino Community who are wanting to have a wordpress website to run SteemPress, contact me on discord.

I am already a member of steemph and steempress discord so you can contact me there.

You can DM any time you like as well.

Or you can go to my discord server and leave a message there. Take time to read the pinned messages too.

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