How To Access CPanel

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Go to and click on “Client Area”


access cpanel



Enter your Log In details


access cpanel


Click on “Services”


access cpanel



Click on “Active”


access cpanel


Click on “Login to cPanel”


access cpanel



This is how your cPanel look like


access cpanel


How to create email accounts. Very good when wanting to have a personalised email account.

  1. Enter your email user name. On this example I will use my user name webcoop.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Click on “Create”


create email



Email account created successfully


create email


How to check your email accounts




Click “Email Accounts”


check email





All your created email accounts will be shown here.


check email


How to access your email.


Click on “Access WebMail”


access email



You can choose horde, roundcube or squirrel mail. I prefer to pick roundcube.


check email



This is what you email look like, you can send email from here and you can read email from here.


check email

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Tutorials For The Free Webhosting


  1. How To Register – Free Web Hosting For Your WordPress, SteemPress, Steemit
  2. How To Access cPanel – Tutorial on how to access cPanel, create custom email and how to access email from the client area.
  3. How To Install SSL – Tutorial on how to install the basic website security Lets Encrypt SSL
  4. How To Install WordPress – Good tutorial for beginners with cPanel and WordPress.
  5. How To Set Up WordPress – Tutorial for beginners on how to set up WordPress after installation.




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