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Playup.com – Earn Playchips By Playing Daily Fantasy Sports15 min read


Playup.com I think is the easiest place to earn money or cryto and it is free.

You can earn playchips by playing the daily fantasy sports very easy.

You can easily cash out your playchips by swapping it to a gift cards for Coles, Myers, Mastercards, David Jones and JB Hi Fi. You can also trade your playchips at the exchanges when their ICO is finished.

Playchip is currently the platforms crypto. It is currently under ICO but once the ICO is finished you can trade your playchips on the exchange, on playup exchange or just swap it with gift cards on the playup platform.

Do you have to pay anything? Absolutely NOT! You don’t have to spend a dime and you could have a chance of getting hundreds or thousands dollars worth of playchips.

Below is a guide how to earn from playup.com without spending a dime.


How to earn crypto on playup.com


Join playup.com here

Click Sign Up and Fill Registration form.




After you signed up and logged in, let’s earn some playchips.

Go to “LOBBY” and click the game that has a “FREE” entry cost.



If you have no idea what you are doing, you can just click on “AUTOFILL” and “SUBMIT LINEUP”.



However, if you know your sport and you follow the stats of the players then you can pick the players as you please. You have to keep an eye on your “SALARY CAP”. If you are satisfied with your “team line up” just click on “SUBMIT LINEUP”.



Confirm your ENTRY then just click on “BACK TO LOBBY”




Go to “MY CHALLENGES” to see your “UPCOMING CHALLENGES”. You can also see your “RECENTLY COMPLETED” challenges where you can also see your “EARNINGS” on each challenges.



Earn More Crypto In Playup.com


Click on “BONUS” and you can claim your “DAILY BONUS” of 5 playchips everyday. You can also play the “poker machine” to have a chance of winning more playchips everyday. Lastly refer a friend, you and your referred friend will get 25 playchips each.


The daily bonus of 5 playchips.



A chance to win the jackpot of 1 million playchips on the poker machine



Refer a friend. Please use my referral as well so both of us will receive 25 playchips each. https://play.playup.com/?referrer=J2KHJ



Are you up to the challenge?


If you have earned playchips from the “FREE” games, you might want to start playing on the paid ones.

Like I said before you might have a better chance if you know your sport and you follow each players’ game statistics.

Why don’t we use “NRL” as an example for this tutorial.


Let’s go to “LOBBY” and click on “NRL”



I only have 30 playchips so I will join the “NRL round 15 – KNIGHTS VS STORM”. This game will be on the 17 of June 2 pm.

The “ENTRY COST” is 25 playchips and the total prize is 2000 playchips. At the moment there are only 2 entrants out of 100 (maybe lesser number better odds).



Time to set up the team while keeping an eye on my salary cap.

For my FULL BACK I’m choosing Ponga over Slater.

I’m just taking a blind guess here because I don’t know much about my “NRL” teams.

So on the WINGERS I will be picking Carr and Sio,
CENTRES will be Mata’utai and Chambers,
the 5/8 will be Munster,
HALF BACK will be Jacks,
LOCK FORWARD will be Guerra,
my SECOND ROW FORWARD will be Fitzgibbon and Kaufusi,
HOOKER will be Smith,
FRONT ROW FORWARDS are Ese’ese and Solomona
and the INTERCHANGE are Welch, Kasiano, Naden and Meany.

I had to make do with the lowest rated player for my interchange because I was already over the salary cap!




You can see some of the player’s stats if you click on their respected name.



If you click on “MY CHALLENGES” and click on the game that you entered, you can change your players. You can also check the “PRIZES”, “SCORING” and “ENTRANTS.




On the “PRIZES” tab you can check the distribution of the prizes.



On the “SCORING” tab, you can see how the scores are given like 8 points is for a TRY and 6 points for an ASSIST. Also a negative score of a -0.05 for a missed tackle.



On the “ENTRANTS” tab, you can see all the people who are in the game.




Where To Cash Out Your Winnings (Playchips)


Playchip is still under ICO which will be finished in August I think. If you want to join the ICO you can still buy with 30% discounts.

I have covered a preview or review of Playchip ICO HERE.

After the ICO playchip will be listed on the exchanges (they already paid to be listed on HitBTC).

PLAYCHIP / PLAYUP are also developing their own wallet and exchange for playchips to be traded and stored.

PLAYCHIP is assuring that the token PLAYCHIP will be traded or will have a base value of USD$0.01 or higher.



Here is a very good news, you don’t have to wait for exchanges because you can cash out at “PLAYUP STORE” already.

You can swap your playchips with giftcards worth $50 for Coles, David Jones, JB Hi Fi, Mastercard and Myer.





My Last Thought


What can I say? Easy money. Just enter on all the FREE games and earn that playchips.

Please use my referral LINK and I hope to be playing with you all in playup.com



I don’t claim to be an expert about the article mentioned above. The article above is based on my own experiences and my own research. I don’t claim it to be 100% accurate.

I am not a financial advisor. The article above is just my own opinion. Please do your own research.


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