Profile editing is very easy to some because it is very common to every website you sign up for. But on people still ask where to get the url for profile image and etc. Below is a guide on how to create your profile and where to store your images which you can also use for your articles.


Profile Creation


Now that we covered account creation and the importance of your passwords. Let us create your profile.

Click on your avatar (the one next on the right of the “submit a story” tab).




A pop up will appear, click on the “Settings” tab.





Now fill in the boxes, where it says “picture profile url” and “cover image url” you can put the url of the picture that you want to insert.

You have to save your image to a website, facebook will not work but if you go and create your free account you can use that for your images.

https://imgsafe.orgis only drag and drop but you can also sign up with

My personal preference is because it has a list of links for you to share on every websites like You just have to click “copy” and “paste” it to

For your profile image go to this post by @steemitguide to find out the good size for your profile images.

For your cover image go to this post by @foovler to find out the good sizes for you cover images.




A Quick Guide How To Put Profile Image and Images To with


click on the image that you want to attach as your profile image, then click on “share”.



Use the “Direct Link” for your profile image and use the “Markdown” to insert the image into your steemit posts.




The tutorials


  1. Account Creation – How to create account.
  2. Profile Creation – How to create and edit your profile and where to store images.
  3. Writing Your First Post – The correct usage of TAGS
  4. Join A Community – Team Australia Highly Recommended
  5. Maximizing Your Earnings – Tapping into the FAUCETS for Free SBD and STEEM
  6. Maximising Your Earnings – Using the correct REWARDS
  7. Sending STEEM From The Exchange ( Australian customers)





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