APPICS app and Steemit Comparing to Facebook and Instagram

We all know by now how steemit works and we all agree that it is a great platform. These new social media platforms that are coming out will be replacing the old.

Facebook, instagrams, etc will just fade away or something that will still linger in the back ground like Yahoo when Google came out.





Are the above assumptions improbable? Well we never know but it has started, first the steemit then new apps coming out like the APPICS.

A lot of people question it and don’t like what is happening in steemit and they are saying it will happen in APPICS as well. They are saying that it is just the same circle of whales who up-votes each other or up-votes themselves.

Think about that for a minute, think about facebook right now and Instagram. I have a Facebook and most of the people that liked my post are the ones on my friends lists or friend of friends. Now those people are my true followers who will like my post comment on my posts and then talk to me about it when they see me in person.



I also have a Facebook Page which is listed public and have thousands of likes on some posts I put on there. Those likers on my post are strangers who happen to stumble on my post and liked it, that is why they hit the “like” button. We all keep saying if those “like” even worth a penny it will be a good income.

Well, your prayers have been answered. Steemit is already up and running and APPICS is just around the corner. But then there is this questions that is always asked by frustrated users which they say only whales, dolphins votes whales and dolphins. Their votes only revolve within their circle.

There is nothing wrong with that, those whales and dolphins might be friends, acquaintances or have mutual understanding like “scratch my back and I will scratch yours”.

But…but…but Facebook isn’t like that, I get likes from strangers all over the world and they are not in my circle and we don’t have mutual understanding where I have to like their post back.

Remember those “likes” you are talking about are free, no value. Some people just hit like button for the sake of it. But if you put a value on the “like” button like a monetary value people will think hard before they give you that “like”. They will probably look at your post at every angle to see if they like it and even then they probably like some of it so they only give you a fraction or worst they will think it’s not worth putting it on your post and they would rather put it in their friends post.

That is human nature, if you have plenty rocks on your hand and you have to throw it away you can just keep throwing it away in every direction, but if those rocks are gold and you have to throw it away you will make sure that those gold will land on someone you value or someone who deserves it.



You still don’t agree, you still think they should share the wealth? Unfortunately my friend, it does not work like that. I would love to give everyone on steemit my 100% vote every time but the problem is I will run out of voting power and if my voting power is so small it has no value anyway so I will be only voting for you for $0 value. And you will still complain because that person got 40 cents and you got nothing, human nature. I actually revised the way I use my vote, where I will priorities our team, because it is our team that help me as well in getting votes so it is just fair that I will return the favour, “scratch my back and I will scratch yours”. Now tell me if that is not fair.

Okay so you had enough complaining and wanted to start learning how to improve your standing on steemit platform. You mentioned the whales have their own circle, now learn from that. Join a circle, a community, a team or even better get all your friends and family to join steemit and just vote each other. Try to invest in the platform… only a little investment will give you that voting power that you can use to up-vote yourself and your family and friend’s posts.



My final thoughts:

If “votes and likes” have a monetary value, it does not matter which app or website you go it’s all the same. Appics will be the same as steemit regarding how votes are given out. Facebook will be the same too if you put monetary value on that “like” button.

If your circle don’t have much voting powers, rewards will be not as much even if your circle is huge. It is just human nature and exposure.

Whinging is alright, nothing wrong with that and no shame for that, it’s normal.

However, once you finished whinging look at how you can improve your position. We whinge that steemit is still on betta but look at the apps, extensions, websites, etc that was made to make steemit better for you and free of charge. Oh is always down blah blah blah hang on there is I can use that while is down. You want more features or interface, there is “steemit more info” extension to give more features and interface for

There are more apps out there that are made for your convenience and if you want more features and interface, why don’t you share what you want or your ideas. These developers will definitely listen to you especially if your ideas are good and benefits everybody.




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