Joining a community is a huge benefit for you especially if you are just starting up. It is a lot better to swim the vast ocean with your team mates (fellow minnows and friendly whales and dolphins). There is this great community called team australia and they are the fastest growing community within the steemit platform.

If you are Australian, living in Australia, came from Australia or have connection with Australia you are probably or most definitely accepted in the team. But you don’t need to be all that to be able to join #teamaustralia, the best person to contact would be @choogirl in to see if you qualify.


team australia


Joining Team Australia

If you remember on the tutorial “Writing Your First Post – The correct usage of TAGS“, your introduction will come in handy when joining a community. Well it is required if you want to join #teamaustralia.

Go to @choogirl steemit blog at and look for her post titledTeam Australia new recruits update” and comment there that you want to join the teamaustralia. Include the link of your introduce yourself post and tell her a “fun fact” about yourself. Also include where you from, which suburb, city, country. If you are not connected to the country Australia, tell her why she should include you as a member of #teamaustralia. The full instructions are in @choogirl post titled Team Australia new recruits update”, check it out.

Please don’t join the team just for exposure, do you part too. Join the curation trail of centerlink in streemian . Follow your teammates and up-vote their post and comment on their post. You don’t have to do this with every member just pick the ones that you share common interest with.





The tutorials

  1. Account Creation – How to create account.
  2. Profile Creation – How to create and edit your profile and where to store images.
  3. Writing Your First Post – The correct usage of TAGS
  4. Join A Community – Team Australia Highly Recommended
  5. Maximizing Your Earnings – Tapping into the FAUCETS for Free SBD and STEEM
  6. Maximizing Your Earnings – Using the correct REWARDS
  7. Sending STEEM From The Exchange ( Australian customers)





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