Rewards is the options you are presented when you post your article. A lot of people will tell you to put “Power Up 100%” so all your author reward/pay out will go to your steem power. Well, keep reading and see if my way is a lot better to maximise your earnings.






Default 50% / 50% Rewards

I think putting “Default (50% / 50%)” is a lot better. This way 50% of your pay out will be SBD and 50%goes to your steem power. I think this is way better because you have liquid SBD which you can use to buy votes. Yes buy vote, in there are lots of up-vote bot that you can utilise to maximise you earnings. You give that bot a SBD then put the link to be up-voted in memo field and that bot will up-vote that article. Most of the time the bot will up-vote your post with a value higher that you paid.


The most popular is @randowhale, at the moment @randowhale accepts only 1 SBD but its up-vote sometimes worth $2 so that means you doubled your money. @buildawhale is another one and accepts a minimum of 0.5 SBD. The other one is @minnowbooster but I think the minimum payment for @minnowbooster is 5 SBD but you will definitely get at least almost double that.

Buying votes from up-vote bots. On this example we are using @buildawhale bot to up-vote @skyme post.

  1. Go to your wallet.
  2. Click on your Steem Dollars
  3. Click on Transfer



A pop up form / window will appear. Just fill in the form and click “submit”.



Another pop up / window will appear to confirm your “Active Key”. Please use only your Active Key. Do not enter your Master Password.



That’s it, wait and @buildawhale will up-vote your post. On the example we put 1 SBD, when the value of @buildawhale up-vote on the post is $1.81 so we almost doubled our money.




Every time you are doing something like this always account for the 25% of the total pay out which goes to the curators (people that up-voted your post). For example your post have a total of $100 pay out, as an author you get 75% which is $75 and the 25% ($25) will be split amongst the curators.


Up-vote bots and bid bots are now becoming so popular and it is hard to get a better return sometimes you will get lower return which turns to you losing money.




The tutorials

  1. Account Creation – How to create account.
  2. Profile Creation – How to create and edit your profile and where to store images.
  3. Writing Your First Post – The correct usage of TAGS
  4. Join A Community – Team Australia Highly Recommended
  5. Maximizing Your Earnings – Tapping into the FAUCETS for Free SBD and STEEM
  6. Maximizing Your Earnings – Using the correct REWARDS
  7. Sending STEEM From The Exchange ( Australian customers)







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