So you are ready to post your first article. Hold your horses for a bit, make sure you read this. It might help you getting your first post noticed and have a better exposure. There are more to remember than just writing and posting articles on steemit.


Writing Your First Post


I would suggest your first post would be to introduce yourself. This will help you if you want to join a community later. If you want to be anonymous, you can still introduce yourself with out mentioning whatever you don’t want to mention.

However, if you got nothing to hide you can introduce yourself as you are. Make it good, make it honest or even funny. Remember this is how other members will get to know you. Always put in a good picture… the first picture that you put in will be the thumb nail for your post and that is what all member will see. So try to put the best picture first.

This is my introductory post as a sample

When posting make sure you put in the correct tags, if you keep using irrelevant tags you will get flagged and you reputation will suffer. You can use a maximum 5 tags and will be best if you use the whole 5 tags.




This is how you can find out the best suitable tags for your posts.

Got to home




On the right hand side on “tags and topics” scroll all the way down and click on “show more topics”.




On the trending topics tag pick the one that is closely related to your post.






On your first post or introductory post use the tags introduceyourself, introducemyself, introduction, steemit and teamaustralia if you are in Australia (or if you want to join the fastest ever growing community in the #teamaustralia) or anything you think will be suitable for your post.





Before you hit the POST button make sure that the “upvote post” box is ticked and you have selected your preferred reward.








Here is a quick run down of the different type of reward reward.

50%/50% – This rewards in half STEEM Power, and half liquid Steem Dollars (SBD). This is my preferred reward which I explained on “Maximizing Your Earnings – Using the correct REWARDS”

Power Up 100% – This option rewards the post in 100% STEEM Power.

Decline Payout – Use this option to receive no post rewards. Votes will affect the post’s position on the trending ranking but no rewards are paid from Steem’s reward pool. Replies made to the post are still eligible for rewards. (This is very good in conveying awareness or a good PR for you)

All your posts and comments that were upvoted you get 75% of the total payout and the “curators” (the people that voted) will get 25% of the total payout.





How To Avoid Getting Flagged Or Down-Voted

It is encouraged that all articles posted in are original content. If you use a phrase please quote it, if you use an image that is not yours include the source of the image and mention any references. have the steemcleaners who continually look for a post that is not following the rules or guidelines. There is also @cheetah that scan for any posts that is cut and paste from another websites or articles.

Things to look out for when posting in

  1. The use of “TAGS” – make sure that you only use tags that are relevant to your article. If your post is about cats, please don’t use the tag “dog”. A full guidelines can be read here
  2. Plagiarism – do not copy and paste someone else’s work.



The tutorials

  1. Account Creation – How to create account.
  2. Profile Creation – How to create and edit your profile and where to store images.
  3. Writing Your First Post – The correct usage of TAGS
  4. Join A Community – Team Australia Highly Recommended
  5. Maximizing Your Earnings – Tapping into the FAUCETS for Free SBD and STEEM
  6. Maximizing Your Earnings – Using the correct REWARDS
  7. Sending STEEM From The Exchange ( Australian customers)





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