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Cliff Howard, The Almighty Leader Of XPONZ, Belittles Victims Of Ponzi Scams

I have reviewed XPONZ a few weeks ago based from what I saw in their main website, their first bitcointalk.org first post and our conversation with XPONZ lead developer and founder Cliff Howard. You can read that review here.

All I could see was negative and it was not received by the xponz community pretty well. Their Leader Cliff Howard kept pressing on challenging me to a debate which I would love to participate in if I could. For God sake, if I can do a debate then I would be doing a vlog instead of this blog. I’d rather vlog it instead of doing long articles.

Anyway, Cliff Howard finally suggested a Q and A where I will write down my questions and he will answer it live on video.

I was not able to watch the live video and was not able to make a comment while they were live.

After watching the video, well I am impressed with what they are trying to achieve and trying to solve. I did make a comment on their video that I am impressed and they acknowledge it by liking the comment.

However, after our recent conversation, Cliff Howard’s true color came out.

He asked me what my stance is on BNL if it is Ponzi or not. I did answer him and told him and his minions what I think about BNL and read my review on it. They did read my review and they even quoted me with it BUT the problem is they seem to not understand or they are blinded with HATRED.

His hatred is so immense that he refuses to see my point of view. The fact that I am willing to lose money so I can gather much information about a Ponzi scheme and share that information with others. The fact that I do give out plenty of warnings about the platform. The fact that on the end it is still the choice of the individual if they still want to join that platform despite the information and warnings that I have given out.

That’s when I found out that Cliff Howard, the so-called exposer of Ponzi schemes, is nothing but an egotistical, arrogant, mean person. He doesn’t really care about the people who made a mistake in joining a Ponzi scheme because instead of giving them information and educating them in a proper way, he will BELITTLE them and pin them down to the ground by calling them names. A proper educator or a decent person will never call a victim silly or idiot or dumb (tanga or bobo) for making a mistake.

All Cliff Howard is doing is making such a commotion so that people will notice him or his xponz project. He just wants attention, he loves to belittle people that is why he always challenge people on a debate.

If you are a person having a conversation with Cliff Howard about Ponzi and you were defending that Ponzi because you thought it was right, he will put you down instead of helping you or direct you to the right path.

When you realized that yes Cliff Howard is right that it is a Ponzi scheme, then go to Cliff Howard for knowledge and more information, this is what he is going to do to you.

He will make you say that YES SIR I MADE A MISTAKE I WAS WRONG.

After that, he will put you on stage and tell everybody how idiot (bobo) you are for joining such a Ponzi scheme. He will belittle you calling you names while all his minions laughing at you calling you names also.


I made a mistake about making this comment “There is no harm in asking even the number 1 critics of Ponzi if you need information or want to learn crypto the proper way”.

Well if you do approach this man I guess it is called self-harm. Actually no I am wrong I think it is called FREE WILL.

Wrong Impression

My first impression of Cliff Howard was great. I thought wow here is an educated man who is doing the right thing for the community. He is so passionate about getting on social media Facebook to battle the Ponzi schemes that plague the country.

I thought he is humble, well educated, professional and show compassion to the victims of the scams and Ponzi schemes.

He turned out to be a very mean person. How could he call the victims of a Ponzi IDIOTS? That is just MEAN and what more is that he supposed to be an educator. A person that teaches people about the crypto space or about investment and the like. If you are that person, an educator, wouldn’t you be more compassionate, more understanding and mostly more professional?


Do you think Cliff Howard is just an arrogant and self-centered person or he is just misunderstood?

You might judge him by the way he talks to other people and how he redirects a conversation when he is cornered.


Well maybe getting down from the throne or pedestal is not quite the answer. Maybe be more understanding, compassionate or be more welcoming could be better than calling a commoner an idiot (bobo)


There are members who knows what I’m talking about is true

But if they still insist on what is wrong, what do you call them?

Genus or IDIOTS (BOBO)?

It is called FREE WILL, it is their choice. It is the same when you called them IDIOTS, you know that people will see it wrong but you still choose to do so. That’s your own FREE WILL.

not paid

Actually, he is getting paid or he will be getting paid because all the things that you do in his XPONZ platform you have to pay. You pay when you want to be educated about mining because you will be renting their “mining hash for rent”.
You will be paying for the next webinars for sure.
You will be paying anything you do within their platform and that is how it is. Cliff already kept on repeating that he is a veteran businessman. This xponz project of his is actually a business.


I love these next conversations.



Hell Bent On Revenge

I am not really affected by Cliff’s outburst during our conversation because I understand when people’s mind is clouded by anger.

Cliff Howard is so angry at me because I have given the XPONZ project a negative review on my article XPONZ Coin Review – Philippines First Successful Crypto Or Another Scam 

I think he was so hell-bent on revenge that is why when he saw the opportunity to get back at me, he pounced on it. If he held back a little bit longer maybe it will be a different story.


I was on the process of writing my article about our Q and A. It was going alright until he carried out his revenge attack. I am not affected by it because I am only here to give information and tell a story like what I am doing now.

Unfortunately for him, he did not come out looking any better but worst. People might lose their respect for him as a community leader if he kept on calling the VICTIMS, IDIOT.

Anyway, that article is still in the back burner and it will be published. I will be basing it to their answers to my questions and I will honestly share my thoughts and opinions about it.

My Honest Opinion

Cliff Howard motives and intentions are very good. He is trying to battle an impossible or maybe an unwinnable battle against the Ponzi schemes. Yes, he might be flawed as a person but nobody is perfect. Maybe this is his shield, his armor. Being this type of person he is, might make him feel stronger to battle these Ponzi schemes that plague our community.

Maybe if he will show compassion, the enemy might take it as weakness and exploit it.

I do admire what he is doing but I think it is getting a bit too much, or maybe he is getting to a point where he thinks he doesn’t need any allies and that he can do it on his own.

In order to combat this type of scams or Ponzi schemes you also need other people as your allies, unfortunately, the way I see it and how I experienced it, more like people will not believe anymore. Looks like just a show now to promote something, a business maybe.



The article above is based on my own experiences and my own research. I don’t claim it to be 100% accurate.

I am not a financial advisor. The article above is just my own opinion. Please do your own research.

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