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The Website Update

UPDATE 23/01/2019

XPONZ is now a dead project. It’s creator lost it and upset most of its community resulting in the XPONZ losing significant support from its community.

The XPONZ coin still doesn’t have a proper value. The creator just dictates the price inside its so-called decentralized exchange. I doubt that they will be able to get this into any exchanges. People that joined the ICO would certainly lose everything.

This XPONZ is becoming like just a scam unless the creators concoct a miracle.

Cliff Howard (the founder of xponz) and I might not be in good terms in Facebook social media. Some people might see us as mortal enemies but truth be told I don’t hold any ill feelings towards him and the xponz community no matter what type of names they call me.

Anyway, this post will be looking at the xponz platform right now since I have looked at it the first time where I have given them some negative reviews.


Others might say that website has nothing to do with a blockchain project because a real project still function without a website.

That is true but for your clients they look at your website first and if they see that your website is a joke they will not trust you and will not be willing to invest in your platform. When I said invest, I mean to use your platform as an individual or an organisation.

I had a look at xponz website again and it is improved, maybe cleaner, sleeker, maybe appealing and the important links do contain something.

XPONZ Webinars

The webinars link used to contain only 2 videos but now the team added some more, it don’t matter if some are just instructions at least it is there as a proof of the project is active.

Awareness Programs

The xponz awareness programs contains the list of what they say is a scam or Ponzi platform. The positive with this is, it now contains something where as before it was just blank.

The only thing that I would like to see more here is the reason why it is a scam or a Ponzi because when I have looked at the link of that bilmoco platform at first glance I can’t see it. Do I need to get in the platform to find out? Maybe I will so I can review it and share it, perhaps share it with xponz team.

Maybe the xponz team will put a short description or an explanation why that particular platform is a scam or a Ponzi scheme.

XPONZ Community

The xponz community group chat section is a good way of showing that it has an active community that supports it but the problem is most of the links don’t work. The only link that works is the “Team Atlas”. Now as a new prospective client, I will be thinking what happened to those community. Did they just lost faith on the project and went dead or inactive?

So at the moment that part of the website is not helping the image of xponz. Maybe either remove the dead links or make it active again.

Let’s Chat!

The online chat feature is also a nice touch, this means that you can just chat with support when you need it instead of going through other channels like face book, email or other social media.

It is even better if someone there to answer or perhaps a note to just leave a message when no one is actually online to chat with you.

The Privacy Policy

I urge everyone to read the xponz privacy policy. In fact you should be reading any privacy policy every time you are entering a platform especially if it requires sensitive information like your address, bank details and password.

The xponz privacy policy is no different from any other websites. I will highlight the things that might be important to you.

When you use Xponz’ website www.xponz.com (“Site”), you may provide your personal information voluntarily, including but not limited to your name, residential address, contact number, birthday email address, social media accounts and waves wallet address.

The following I am also concerned about because a third party may have your personal sensitive information as well.

Xponz may contract third parties to store your personal information.

Is it possible that they might use a third party to store personal data? Well when the xponz platform grows big it needs very large servers to cope with the amount of data it collects from its users. If xponz can’t afford to provide the storage of those data, they might rent a storage facility and that will be the third party.

Will your personal information be safe? If you are asking that now you should asked that when you started giving out your personal information to facebook.

Nothing is 100% safe, even the large organisations like facebook can get hack and personal information get stolen.

Watch Out For Part 2

What other surprises does xponz brings? Are they just a Ponzi Exterminator or they are more than that? Watch out for the part 2 of this review where we will dive in deeper and explore the use cases of this xponz platform.

You can now read the Part 2 HERE – https://steemitblog.com/xponz-revisited-part-2/


The article above is based on my own experiences and my own research. I don’t claim it to be 100% accurate.

I am not a financial adviser. The article above is just my own opinion. Please do your own research.

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