I tried this ZAPPL today because their beta platform just went live. It is very interesting making steemit like twitter. Having a maximum of only 250 characters per post with an image or video.

I wonder how we can measure a quality of a post with only 250 characters. Well I guess the same with facebook and twitter.

Post something like …

It’s been a hard busy night.. I’ve been working like a dog. But when I come home to you and see you in the nude everything is alright.

Now you’re amused so press that vote button… Get zappin…

Anyway, I did try it and attempted to create a post but it was just a circle going round and round. Maybe it is broken. Well they did say there is a bug and they are working on it…
This could get more users than steemit.com

APPICS is waiting for SMT but others are already making something like this using steemit.com platform. This ZAPPL is a twitter like platform… Won’t be too long a facebook like will come out.. then instagram like will follow…

All these developments of new platforms based on steemit is so exciting.

Try it out see what you think https://zappl.com 




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